Do colored lenses dissolve in my eyes?

Maugo Dy=udek Photography

I took this one about 5 years ago and now I feel more and more what does it mean to me.  I try to learn everyday how to completely dissolve all the things which can be seen to perceive all that can not be.




Hybrid Walks: Hunting light

One of our 4 new stories from the “HybridWalks” project. We, me and Ula, every time try to avoid linear and logical plots when documenting our actions. Why? The reason is peculiarly simple: the stories behind the photos are as complex and surreal as  the most extreme movies by Lynch or the best of Borges’ novels.

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From the Hybridwalks project

Model: Ula Skiepko

Place: Michelle Bird’s House in Borgarnes, Iceland

Time:  31.12.2015 (exactly) year ago